FV1 + FV2 Trainer Sneaker Package


  • FV1 + FV2 Trainer Sneaker
  • You can download 3 times after purchase.


  • FV1_Trainer_Sneaker( support version: CLO3D 6.1.346 & 6.1.394 )
  • FV2_Trainer_Sneaker( support version: CLO3D 6.1.346 )
  • The CLO3D latest version (6.1.394) can not display FV2_Trainer_sneaker. (Only FV2 got this problem.)
    So I recommend you don't update your CLO3D or downgrade the version to using this. ( Or you may install 2 different version like me...)
  • Zip File include :

Zip file include 1 .zacs,  and 4 png files. ( A new FBX file has been added )

  • Drop the ".zacs" file to:  "..\..\CLO\Assets\Avatar\Avatar\Female_V1( Or Female_V2) \Shoes"
  • 4 image file just place it as your wished .
  • Property setting:





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